Save the Trees Campaign

By: KC

Apr 10 2010

Category: Druid


No idea if anyone even reads this anymore, but:

If you haven’t heard yet, the WoW developers released a preview of the Druid class in Cataclysm today. Among the changes was a plan to remove Tree of Life form and turn it into a cooldown much like warlocks’ Metamorphosis. No other druid spec would be losing their form. The reason? The developers want people to be able to see their armor. :-/

So here’s the plan of action some of us on the Cataclysm forums came up with before the post was deleted (not moved to the druid forums or elsewhere, just removed).

1. Find a small piece of bark.
2. Write a short, civil note asking to save Tree of Life as a form.
3. Drop both in an envelope, stamp it up, and mail to: Blizzard Entertainment, PO Box 18979, Irvine, CA 92623-8979.

Suggestions for the note: Write about why you like tree form (the unique feel, the druid-ness of shapeshifting, the dance, whatever); offer suggestions (make ToL cosmetic and tie it to a minor glyph, so people can choose to have it or not).

Be polite: Blizzard is likely to chuck any letter that is full of bad language or nastiness, and it makes us all look bad.

QQing on the forums is easy. Actually writing and posting a letter shows more commitment. Maybe if they get enough bark-filled letters, they will reconsider the change.

If you like being a tree and want to keep Tree of Life as a form, please pass this on. The more people who see it and send letters, the more likely this change can be avoided for Cataclysm — the changes currently suggested are just a preview, and can be changed/rolled back still.