Just add some glow

MMO Champion is releasing information about Ulduar loot as we speak, including the final models for the T8 armor.

Good news: Shamans and druids have a version of T8 with a kilt. My computer at work is insanely slow and cannot handle video at all, but from the comments I gather that pants are the melee DPS version and the kilts feature caster/healer stats? I’m also assuming the paladin healers get skirts, too, but I didn’t want to open the image after the two I did click on took approximately 17.3 years to open.

I like skirts. Skirts are good. Plus it makes it a little easier to spot healers in the battlegrounds, meaning maybe people will actually focus-fire them in Warsong Gulch sometime. (I already wear a skirt and floating balls of dirt on Ahami and a tree on Onashne, so I’m basically a walking target anyway; this changes nothing.)

Bad news: The sets are still hideous, but glowier. I imagine the conversation went something like this:

“Uh oh, 90 percent of the WoW-playing population thinks our new armor designs are awful.”
“We could redesign them, I guess.”
“No! We’ve gone too far. What to do, what to do … I know! Just add some glow!”
“That’s so brilliant it JUST MIGHT WORK.”

I hope the one comment about the eventual S6 PVP gear not using these models is right, because damn. On the other hand, this raises the potential that the S6 gear could be even fuglier than this stuff. Even knowing that my chances of seeing any of it are next to nil, the thought makes me shudder.


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