Be Imba!

So even though I don’t PVE, I do occasionally run Ahami through Be Imba! (as I did with Ideale back at 70) to make sure I’m not missing out on gems or enchants that would be more appropriate.

Every time I log on, I get “WARNING: probably caught in PVP gear!”

Anyway, even if you’re in PVP gear with a PVP spec (in which case the site can’t really help you all that much), it’s still a useful way to get an idea of what enchants or gems you could use for an item without having to go digging through Wowhead and Elitest Jerks for two hours.

Of course, it doesn’t list the PVP rep enhancements (such as the Wintergrasp head enchant), and has told me that these enchants are WRONG WRONG WRONG, so take it with a grain of salt.

For PVE, though, Be Imba! is probably one of the best sites out there to gear check yourself and make sure you have the right items and the right gems, enchants, leg armor kits, etc. You can also see what content you should be focusing on (for example, in my PVP gear, it tells me that I can get upgrades in normal 80 instances but should be well-enough geared for heroics).


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