Why do you roll alts?

For me, the only class I really instinctively loved when I first started playing was the shaman class. (In real life, everything shocks me. The list of things that have shocked me includes wooden door frames and walls with lead paint on them. It’s really nice to be able to turn that on mobs in game.)

As far as the rogue and the priest? I have always played thief-type characters in RPGs and MUDs, so that’s why I picked a rogue to start, but I just don’t like them in World of Warcraft. And while I loved my little priesty, I was more fond of running around Silverpine picking herbs than actually fighting things on her (hadn’t really discovered battlegrounds or groups yet).

Every other toon I’ve rolled since then, with one exception, has been because I saw people playing them at end-game and thought to myself, “Whoa, cool. I want to do that!” Ideale? Was picked back up after sitting at level 10-ish and leveled after watching Pike’s and BRK’s videos. (I think I’ve mentioned that I totally hated hunters the first time I tried them.) I rolled a mage after watching the BFF’s fiance AOEing through lowbie dungeons. I picked up a druid because I was always running into this one tree in Alterac Valley and we’d fight for the healing meters, and HoTs looked really fun.

Heck, I even finally rerolled Gabi both because I wanted to give priest healing a shot after reading World of Snarkcraft and posts at PlusHeal about how fun discipline was, and after leveling beside a priest to the 50s it looked pretty fun (even if shadow’s not for me). Also, Holy Fire looks like a blast. (Hehe, a blast.) That’s not just me, right?

The only times I’ve ever rolled based on the class description were Ahami (and her previous troll shaman incarnation, orc and tauren versions, and about nine level 14 draenei shamans on several servers … I love draenei, but can’t seem to stick with Alliance) and Angie (my original rogue). And I rolled a draenei paladin once because I wanted to bash things in the face with a giant hammer, which I happily did for 30 or so levels even though I had no idea what else I was doing. Every other time, it’s been because an ability looked or sounded really, really cool. So far, that’s worked out for me.

What attracts you to other classes?


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