Healer nerf thread

This thread on the official forums is pretty interesting. I can’t comment on most of it or whether people are being melodramatic or not because it’s mostly about that PVE thing, but there are some excellent points being raised.

While Ahami shouldn’t really be effected, what with running on mp5 and battlegrounds being a buff desert anyway, with Onashne and Gabi slowly rising through the ranks to join her, I am a bit concerned. Am I going to be able to pull my weight when I do battlegrounds and eventually capital raids with them?

PVP gear sacrifices intellect and spirit for resilience, so priests and druids in PVP will be suffering any time there’s a long fight — mana management becomes a much scarier beast in PVP, with fewer resources to use to start with. And PVP druids are already at a disadvantage because they lose a lot of battleground flexibility and survivability if they stay in Tree of Life. Sometimes, frost shock is the only thing that saves Ahami; is Onashne going to have problems if she can’t root people and can’t waste the mana to shift or heal through damage?

It just seems like Blizzard is using a sledgehammer when they could be using a flyswatter (i.e., I think removing buff stacking for Mana Spring totem/Blessing of Wisdom AND increasing the mana cost of several healing spells AND forcing raids to run with classes that can replenish AND reducing spirit-based mana regen nearly by half AND etc. is a bit much; why not introduce one or two of those and work from there?).

The last thing that really concerns me is healer control of mana management and regeneration. We can’t downrank anymore. Our mana replenishment relies on classes other than ourselves being present/in-range. Blizz keeps saying they want people to bring the player and not the class, but if they are making some classes’ mana dependent on other classes’ replenishment abilities, that clashes.

And for those of us who primarily do battlegrounds and the occasional five-man, this hurts us FAR more than organized PVE raiders. Unless you are lucky enough to be in a huge PVP guild that always does 40-man premades, there’s absolutely no guarantee that you’re going to have a replenishment class in your raid or group, let alone in range for it to actually be useful. I hate that all of the changes in 3.1 to healers seem to be taking my ability to manage and regen my mana completely out of my control.

I’m not on the PTR, and the options for me as a Mac user are limited, so I can’t claim I will quit over this. Frankly, even if it turns out horribly, I have enough friends and love the game, the world, and dorky as it might be, my characters, enough that I don’t see myself quitting anytime soon, no matter what the nerf gun hits. But I’m worried.


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