25-man VOA

I ran it, reluctantly. A guildie talked me into it.

I … was a total noob. The kind of noob where the raid leader had to use raid warnings to get me to move out of stuff (only, like, twice, but still), and where I had to search my spellbook for Bloodlust because it wasn’t on my action bar. It was embarrassing.

In my defense, I don’t PVE. My PVE experience on Ahami consists of running Scarlet Monastery, Ramps, and Drak’Theron Keep a couple times each, plus one or two other instances once. It was my second raid ever (never done a 10-man) and first as a healer. I didn’t die and only one DPSer did until almost the very end, and, well …


Not quite sure how it happened, but hey, not gonna complain. At least it redeems me a teeny, tiny bit for not moving out of those cloudy things the first couple times. And I moved Bloodlust to my action bar in case there’s a next time, because my suspicions that raiding might be not as excruciatingly dull as five-mans were confirmed. Although if it had gone on much longer, I’d probably have gotten bored and hated it. Short attention span? I has it!

So did I do well? No, not really, but I think I did sort of okay for my very first time. Probably annoyed the poor raid leader, though.

Seriously, I think I’d do better if I did it another time or two, now that I’ve seen what stuff looks like to be able to move out of it and gotten a feel for the spikes in damage so I can take my eyes off of Grid occasionally.


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