Druids aren’t even that OP anymore

My gear sucks, my spec is completely based on what seemed like a good idea at the time, and I have no idea what I’m doing. I spend a good quarter of every BG dead. And I am still top heals.

You are all doing it wrong!

(So am I — I keep hitting the wrong buttons and had to move Tranquility because I hit it at weird times. I’m virtually indestructible on the shaman and I can’t kill resto druids on my hunter to save my life, so the fact that I die a lot is really, really bad. So that holy priest who only fail-angeled once should be topping me for heals, seriously.)

EDIT: Second round went better. I have discovered line of sight! It’s much easier as a druid.

On a side note, this is, in my opinion, the best way to learn how to heal. Lowbie instances are good — much better than never healing anything until you hit 80 — but until about the mid-60s, they’re all pretty gimmicky (well, the ones that get done by groups at the proper level, anyway). So while you get a feel for the healing style of your chosen class/spec, you don’t really have to work under pressure at all.

Unless this is your first character, you know those instances like the back of your hand. (I do, anyway, and I haven’t even done half of them.) And you probably can’t find a group anyway, just some nice achievement junkie willing to run you through.

Battleground PVP is chaotic and a high-pressure test of your button smooshing skills … but it’s okay to screw up. Aside from the twinks, no one cares, and most of them can take care of themselves. So you can push yourself like crazy and challenge yourself to do well, and get a comparison of your healing vs. other players, but no one’s going to freak out that Ramps is taking almost an hour and why do you suck reroll a faceroll DK and then leave the group.

Plus, when you start getting into Northrend instances, which are borderline insane (NEXUS ARGH), you will be a little better prepared to think quickly and on your feet and heal accordingly.


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