Gabi got a farm

Gabi wanted a place to call home, a nice little plot of land, some privacy, fields full of … some sort of grain. Barley, maybe?

So she headed to this cute little farm off the coast of the Arathi Highlands.

The house seemed pretty comfortable.

There’s a nice dock in case people ever want to visit. Pirates, maybe, or smugglers. And look, Whiskers made a friend!



2 comments on “Gabi got a farm”

  1. When I leased this place a few years back there was a continual Dwarf infestation problem. Seems every time I went out for a bit, a couple little stunties would move back in. Their taste in artwork was awful too.

  2. First thing I do when I get to the Hinterlands, now, is swim out to that farm and kill me some dwarves.

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