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I am not quite back yet. I am percolating a few entries — I think I want to write a few basic BG strategy guides that no one will read, just to keep from wanting to strangle people through the Internet, but I’m not quite sure how to tackle them in a way that hasn’t been done yet, without lots and lots of maps … and Photoshop is very distracting to me. I usually end up playing around with fonts and photos and stuff for hours and completely forgetting why I opened it up.

OK, anyway. I don’t usually do this, but The Flag is Noob Bait almost made me weep tears of salty joy. I’m not gonna lie, I am glad I am not on the same battlegroup as Gnomegeddon, because I would probably just squee and /cheer as he killed me if I ever saw him in a battleground, that’s how excited I am to see another PVP fan who doesn’t just farm HKs in the middle of Warsong Gulch.

So if you haven’t checked out Armageddon’s Coming, I highly recommend it. … Which is funnier, because he probably has 18 times the readership I do. But check it out anyway!

Hmm. I should level my magey.


One comment on “New-to-me blog”

  1. Well I have some fire Mage BG guides ready and waiting when you do!

    Glad you liked my story of BG misery… I took a perverse joy in recounting it.

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