Ahami learned the art of shamanism from her mother and aunt. Drawn to the healing arts, she has spent the last few years traveling around Azeroth, learning new techniques and abilities, picking up a knowledge of herbalism, working with the Earthen Ring to keep elementals under control, and supporting the Horde in battle as a healer.

A practical troll, she has no real personal interest in war — she’s lost enough family members to violence — but she’s very loyal to the Horde and passionate about minimizing casualties among her friends and comrades in arms. To this end, she’s recently thrown herself into the study of inscription, creating glyphs and scrolls with magic to help her friends in battle.

Ahami has a soft spot for her white kitten, Fog, and her zhevra, Zhevra.

Ideale Dawntreader
Ideale is dedicated to two goals: Helping her people to further secure their place among the Horde, and fighting the Scourge that took her mother and brother. A relatively young elf and new Farstrider during the Third War, the loss of half her family and the corruption and destruction of the Sunwell scarred her. While life has moved on, and Ideale has found a new “family” among her friends and pets, she still spends much of her time hunting the Scourge in the Plaguelands and now Northrend, and fighting the Alliance, whom she blames for many of the problems the Sin’dorei face today.

Ideale is solitary by nature, and tends to spend much of her time away from people, but is generally content with her life. She’s rarely seen without one of her pets, her cats Cinnamon and Saffron, her firefly Ilaw, or her warp stalker Custard, by her side.

Onashne Shatterhorn
Onashne is a young tauren, but was drawn to druidism for as long as she can remember. Her parents, both hunters, had hoped she’d follow in their hoofprints, but they couldn’t deny her gifts or her dedication to the Earthmother.

Compared to many of her friends, Onashne is young and inexperienced in battle, but she is also fiercely loyal and enthusiastic, and her current wanderings are teaching her something of the ravages of war.

Kamai is Ahami’s younger sister, and like their father is a gifted mage, leaning toward fire. She’s a bundle of energy and constantly has to be doing something. She’s impatient (although she’s getting better) and when she gets focused on a task, she pursues it with a single-minded intensity until she’s completed it. Despite this, she often has her head in the clouds — this lets her excel at things like engineering, but also often gets her into trouble. She’s lucky, though, and things have a way of working out for her.

She currently lives in Silvermoon City and spends most of her time there or in Undercity. While she misses her home and family, trips to visit generally end up being uncomfortable; she doesn’t feel like she fits in there anymore.

Gabriela Kozlova
Gabi remembers very little about her time before she broke free of the Scourge, something that has always bothered her. She does remember being a member of the priesthood, and has held on to that identity, even as other Forsaken have urged her to turn to the Shadow rather than cling to the Light. She has a few memories of being a sailor — she thinks. And she has some happy memories of her childhood, though she doesn’t recall what happened to her family and friends.

Aside from that, all she knows is that she awoke, blind, in a mass grave near a Scarlet Crusade camp. She had the presence of mind to play “dead” and escaped under the cover of darkness, and soon found herself among Sylvanas Windrunner’s Forsaken.

Gabi prefers not to think about what she lost, focusing instead on regaining her control of the Light and her healing abilities.


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